NASS Racing in 2021!

NASS Spring Race to the Lighthouses: 17 April, 2021

The first NASS Race to the Lighthouses was a successful 2020 regatta that replaced the 2020 Annual NASS Race to Oxford and will now permanently replace the traditional NASS Spring Race and be known as the NASS Spring Race to the Lighthouses!


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FINAL-2021-NASS Spring Race to the Lighthouses

Class Place BoatName Skipper
First Place Prizes
CRCA 1 Winsome Ride Mark Lister
J/105 1 Chessie John Kircher
Multihull 1 Cheshire Cat John Enderle
ORC 1 Querencia Francis McGowan
PHRF A1 1 Abientot Roger Lant
PHRF A2 1 Hornet John Loe
Second Place Prizes:
CRCA 2 Lucky Eights Keith Cole
PHRF A2 2 Mama Tried Andrew Noel
Awards to USNA Midshipmen
PHRF A0 1 Ranger Cory Routen
PHRF A0 2 Wasp Zach Medeiros
PHRF A2 3 Defiance Meade Tolin


66th Annual NASS Race to Oxford: 11 September 2021

The Regatta Network site for this event is OPEN and may be accessed by selecting this link:

The 2021 NASS Race to Oxford Event Site  

More Details for this regatta will be added soon!


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